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December 22, 2016

Announcing the Newest Innovation for Your Thermal Cleaning Needs

Staff Writers

The newest “Dinamec Systems” fluidized bed cleaning installation has a smaller footprint and a lower ceiling height. If you have space and particularly high limitations, this latest new E-model will fit in tight places. Its new design provides a totally enclosed freeboard during loading and unloading in the fluidized sand bed, guaranteeing no fugitive emissions during the loading and unloading process, even when removing/stripping quick-release paints or polymers.

The new E-model fluidized bed will give the customers a safe and clean environment to do their thermal cleaning of hooks, hangers, parts, and/or extrusion or injection molding tooling. This model comes with a “Patent pending” internal loading platform, providing for the above-mentioned features, but allowing also for easy customization of entering in the system the parts or tooling to be cleaned. For example, parts/tooling can be loaded with or without basket, using an external hoist system or direct robot loader.


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