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May 09, 2016

Say Hello To One of Our Largest Fluidized Sand Beds!

Staff Writer

Dinamec Systems, LLC. is pleased to announce one of our largest Fluid Clean machine orders to date of 478 cubic feet from a leading service cleaner in the USA. This Fluid Clean has the capacity to thermally remove either 109lbs of plastic, 187lbs of cured powder coat, or 309lbs of cured liquid paint within an hour. The Fluid Clean has a steel capacity of 12,400lbs. The Fluid Clean fluidized sand bed will strip liquid paint and powder coat from automotive paint racks and parts as well as the removal of polymer from film dies and extrusion screws, breaker plates, manifolds and other tooling.


Stripping paint, powder, polymers, and rubber from metal tooling and parts is our specialty. We would like to help you with your stripping needs by providing a Fluid Clean machine that fits your need, no matter the size. If you have any questions on thermal cleaning or would like more information about Dinamec Systems, LLC. equipment, service or parts, please contact Drew Jones, General Sales Manager, at 770-421-1181 or at We look forward to speaking with you!