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Product Line

Fluidized Sand Bed

Choosing the Right Dinamec Systems Fluidized Bed for Your Application

A range of standard Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean machine configurations is available to comply with your particular cleaning needs. Our experienced engineering department, combined with a flexible production department allows us to offer custom-made installations for special projects.

D-Type ICV

F-Type ICV

E-Type ICV

Fluidized Bed Dimensions
Inside of Bed
Standard Machines
All Models Are Available in RAN (flat hood) and ICV (clam shell hood)
Loading Basket
(inner dimensions)
Maximum Loading
Organic Load**
Model LxW/DxH (inch) (lbs) (lbs/batch)
E-151010 51 x 33 x 38 1278 15-43
E-201010 70 x 33 x 38 1837 19-54
E-251010 90 x 33 x 38 2296 25-71
E-301010 110 x 33 x 38 2755 29-82
G-080606 23 x 17 x 22 128 4-11
G-160606 54 x 17 x 22 272 7-21
G-220808 78 x 25 x 30 735 14-26
FS-240808 86 x 25 x 30 751 17-48
FS-301011 110 x 33 x 41 2071 30-86
FS-201611 70 x 56 x 41 2258 33-91
FS-301213 110 x 41 x 49 2671 39-111
FB-401011 153 x 33 x 41 2771 41-115
FB-341414 125 x 49 x 52 4530 54-152
FB-321616 117 x 56 x 61 5748 62-174
FB-441814 165 x 64 x 52 7885 89-252
*Amount of steel not including the basket that can be loaded into the machine (do not deduct the basket)
**Depending on capacity of thermal afterburner and type of organic/plastic contamination
Custom sizes available upon request

All dimensions are in inches. Please note that the capacity of our machines are not exclusively determined by the bed volume. Also to be considered are the type and amount of organics removed and the amount of metal to be processed.

PLC based control system with 15" color touch screen Operator Interface

Features Include:

  • Main operator screen - Used to set cycle time, enter temperature set points, Graphically show machine operation, show text based messaging for machine operation and alarm conditions, access other system screens.
  • Alarm condition history with date and time stamp.
  • PLC input and output status screens - Used to indicate the PLC I/O description, status and on/off state or value.
  • Manual override screen - Used to force the various valves on and off for trouble shooting purposes.
  • Graphs of bed and exhaust temperatures.
  • System configuration screens.
  • Password protected loaded shutdown reset screen.
  • Resettable and non resettable run time meters.
  • Complete set of Electrical drawings.
  • Additional screens include:
    • Main Menu
    • System Information
    • Modify Set Point
    • Manual Override Help

INNOVACLEAN is a compact, environmentally and user friendly fluidized bed pyrolysis system which removes all polymers - even halogenated substances such as PVC or PTFE - quickly and reliably from small and medium-size tools and components.

  • Very fast residue-free cleaning in only a single process step
  • Flexible reliable cleaning of assembled and disassembled tools
  • Effective and environmentally compatible removal of ALL plastics
  • Increased tool life, reduced machine downtimes


Operating panel

Integrated afterburner

INNOVACLEAN carbonizes any polymer without residues within one to two hours, for example, from injection nozzles and die plates as well as with slightly longer cleaning times from spin nozzles and assembled spin packs, static mixers, assembled pumps, backflow preventers, hot runner components and many other components.

with loading basket/crane

The precisely controllable cleaning process of INNOVACLEAN utilizes the material and heat transfer of fluidized THERMCLEAN sand (fluidized bed). The product to be cleaned is freed from plastic quickly and without mechanical or thermal interference at polymer-dependent temperatures from 450 to 520 °C.

INNOVACLEAN works completely without waste water and waste. The generated low temperature carbonization gases are cleaned with an integrated thermal afterburner. On request, INNOVACLEAN will be equipped with a separate thermal afterburner or waste air washer for the pyrolysis gases from PVC, PTFE, etc. INNOVACLEAN systems may be set up and operated in Germany without an approval application because of their compact design and size.

INNOVACLEAN increases tool life and helps significantly reduce machine downtimes.

VACUCLEAN is an easy to install, environmentally and user friendly vacuum pyrolysis cleaning system (vacuum cleaning oven) for removing plastic residues from tools and long components.

  • Complete removal of organic adherent matter, free from carbon residues
  • Precise, reliable and gentle cleaning of large tools and components
  • Easy installation (no gas), low operating costs
  • Increased tool life and life cycles, reduced machine downtimes




Depending on the system size, product to be cleaned and polymer VACUCLEAN removes organic adhesions within 8 to 30 hours without impacting the tools mechanically or thermally.

The fully automatic cleaning process of VACUCLEAN takes place in an electrically heated vacuum cleaning chamber. The temperature is measured directly on the product to be cleaned, which is initially heated slowly and especially easy on the material; a large part of the adherent polymers already melts now and drains off. The disintegration of the remaining polymer takes place at approx. 450 °C; the remaining carbon is finally removed by adding air (oxidation). A sophisticated sensor system controls the cleaning process preventing the development of excess temperatures at all times. Inorganic residues can be easily removed through after-treatment, e.g. with compressed air.

Melting under vacuum

Vacuum pyrolysis phase

Vacuum oxidation phase

Through catalytic waste air cleaning VACUCLEAN produces clean air and clean waste water complying with official regulations. VACUCLEAN systems of model series 154f. may be set up and operated in Germany without an approval application because of their compact design and size.

The especially precise and gentle cleaning quality of VACUCLEAN increases the life of tools and components and reduces interruptions in production.


Loading procedure

VACUCLEAN schematic diagram

Product Customization

Hood Options


The Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean fluidized sand bed can be manufactured with a standard RAN hood or an Optional ICV high hood. The standard RAN hood is suitable for most paint and plastic applications. An ICV high hood is used for especially volatile organics with a low flash point. The high hood allows a basket to be loaded on dead sand and become fluidized after the hood is closed. Any fugitive fumes that may be present during loading is contained within the bed itself and removed by the forced air exhaust fan.

Flue Gas Cleaning

Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installations can be supplied with an integrated cyclone or ceramic filter to remove dust particles from flue gases.

Neutralizing Corrosive Off Gassing

When removing certain halogenated compounds like PVC, Rubber or Teflon™, a dry absorption system can easily be included before the ceramic filter. A dry powder is injected and acts as a reagent to neutralize acid gasses (HF, SO2, HCL). The products of the reaction as well as dust are separated from the exhaust stream by means of a ceramic filter. Typically calcium hydroxide is used for acid gas removal.

Optional Ceramic Element Filter

Lime Injection Unit

Ceramic Element Filter

Lime Injection Unit

If you are unsure how our Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installation can be of use to your particular industry or production process, please contact us for more information or for an on site evaluation. You can also let us prove our cleaning efficiency by arranging a free test cleaning.

Used Machine

SMC 350

Year 1998
Machine Footprint (LxWxH): 54”x50”x”138”
ID Basket (DiameterxHeight): 13”x38”
Please Inquire for Pricing

Please contact us for more information regarding machine capacities.