Decoring, Heat treatment & Sand Recovery in a Fluidized Bed

1. Decoring

Removing the sand cores from the aluminum parts is often a tedious job as the sand cores can be very integrated inside the casting and hard due to the use of organic binders.

The Dinamec Systems’ Deco fluid bed installation is the perfect solution for the gentle and smooth decoring of aluminum parts.

The heat dispersion in the fluid sand bed is perfectly homogeneous and as it is a foundry sand bed, the remaining foundry sand can simply stay in the machine. A sand spout will automatically remove any surplus of sand, which can then be recovered for new castings production.

2. Solution Heat Treatment

Simultaneous or separately to the decoring, aluminum castings can undergo a rapid solution heat treatment with cycle times 3 to 4 times shorter than in a conventional air heat treat furnaces.

3. Quenching

After the solution heat treatment, the castings can be quenched in a Dinamec Systems Water Quench or a Dinamec Systems fluidized sand bed.

4. Aging

A final aging step can be added in a conventional air oven or again, a hot fluidized sand bed. Using the fluidized bed for the aging will provide reduced residence times while obtaining similar or better mechanical properties compared to traditional air furnaces.

5. Deco + Fully Automated Product Line

Installation consists of three consecutive fluid beds, operating in one fully automated production line.

  • The First Fluid Bed operates at a temperature ranging between 968-1020º F, and removes the sand cores from the aluminum castings by gasification of the organic binding materials; The excess sand coming from the moulds & cores is collected and can be reused for the production of new sand moulds. At the same time the solution heat treatment is performed.
  • The Second Fluid Bed is working at room temperature (70 to 170º F) and is used to quench the aluminum castings after the decoring and solution heat treatment. The sand in this second bed is constantly cooled down to its set temperature.
  • The Third Fluid Bed is operated at temperatures between 320-470º F, and is used for the ageing of the aluminum parts. Ageing will only take 60-120 minutes with this process.
3 to 4 Times Faster Production Process

The process can be fully automated. The complete operation (decoring, solution heat treatment, quenching and aging) typically takes between 3 to 4 hours.

Summary of Advantages By Using Dinamec Systems Deco Installation
  • Gentle removing of the sand cores from the smallest channels and most narrow gaps
  • Homogeneous heat dispersion guarantees uniform heat treatment for your aluminum castings
  • Automatic sand recovery after decoring
  • Total heat treatment cycle is up to 3 to 4 times faster than classic T6 treatment in traditional air furnaces

Please contact us for additional information and to arrange Decoring and heat treatment testing.