Paint & Powder

Paint and Powder Coating Removal

The Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installation is available in 3 different designs (RAN, ICV, and TNV) to fully comply with your particular stripping needs. The Dinamec Systems fluidized bed forms the basis of these three designs which are available in several standard sizes. Our team of specialists will carefully select the best design for your specific business and local regulations.


Easy and thorough removal of all types of paint and powder coatings, through thermal cleaning, Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installations remove:

  • All possible organic substances: Powder coatings, e-coat, clearcoat, cured wet paint, water-based paint, varnish, metallic paint etc.
  • From all kinds of large metal parts: Hooks, frames, jigs, grates, reject parts, and baskets etc.
Before Paint Removal
After Fluidized Bed Cleaning
Before Paint Removal
After Fluidized Bed Cleaning
Before Paint Removal
After Fluidized Bed Cleaning

In every industry: Our Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installations serve OEMs and end-users in Appliances (washers, refrigerators, air conditioners…) – Locks & Metal Frames – Ceramics – Furniture & Shelving – Automotive (cars, trucks, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, trailers…) – Sub-Automotive – Garden Appliances – Lighting Fixtures – Heating Equipment & Radiators – Contract Cleaners – Custom Coaters – Road Signs & Light Poles – Toy Industry and many more.


  • Thorough cleaning
  • Short cleaning cycles
  • No hot spots to damage your parts, as sand temperature is uniform throughout the bed
  • Suitable for removing difficult organic compounds like PVC, PTFE, rubber etc.
    Easy to operate and smooth material handling
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low energy cost
  • Environmentally-friendly technology (no toxic chemical involved and no hazardous waste/wastewater generated from the process).
  • Proven technology (over 2,000 satisfied Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean customers worldwide)