The Process

Today almost every industry is involved with organic substances such as paint, powder coating, plastic or rubber at some stage of its production process.

Removing plastic or paint coatings from metal parts, finished products or production components made of metal is a wide spread problem.

Modern coatings and plastic bond very strongly and traditional cleaning and stripping methods are becoming outdated. They demand costly labor and energy as well as possible health hazards for the operators. These traditional methods often damage or deform parts and can result in water and air pollution.

Dinamec Systems is a world leader in fluidized bed cleaning with over 2,000 installations worldwide supported by first class after sales parts and service.

The Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean is a unique and total cleaning solution for a wide variety of organic substances in all industries, providing a combination of thorough cleaning, short cleaning cycles and ease of operation.

There is more to the Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean. As well as cleaning your metal parts thoroughly, our installations also ensure a clean and healthy solution for both the environment and your operators.

Clean takes on a much broader meaning in a Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installation.


A fluidized bed consists of a reservoir filled with calibrated sand.


The sand particles are brought to a bubbling state by injecting air at the bottom of the bed.


In order to warm up the sand, gas is mixed into the primary air.


The pilot burner above the surface of the sand bed ignites the gas-air mixture.

Due to the excellent heat transfer in the bed itself – the fluidized bed is heated quickly and uniformly to the normal operating temperatures (≈780 to 850°F)

The bed temperature can be adjusted by using the PLC which controls the gas flow.


The basket is then lowered into the hot calibrated sand to remove the bonded organics on the metal parts.


The organic substances are gasified.

These process gases rise through the fluidized bed and are directly combusted in the flame-shield of the surface of the bed.

This energy is also directly absorbed by the sand – direct energy recovery – the external gas supply is correspondingly reduced.


Further combustion of the gases is then achieved by injecting secondary air into the combustion chamber.

Once the organic bonding of the coating or polymer has been broken and gasified the inert fillers/pigments are removed through the gentle action of the sand/air-bubbles around the metal parts and blown out of the bed.

These inert dust particles are separated from the flue gases by de-dusting through a cyclone battery or ceramic filter. The particles fall into a collecting bucket under the cyclone or ceramic filter and can easily be removed.


At the end of the cycle the basket is removed and the next cleaning cycle can begin immediately, by immersing another basket in the fluidized bed with the loading system.


The Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installation is available in 3 different designs (RAN, ICV, and TNV) to fully comply with your particular stripping needs. The Dinamec Systems fluidized bed forms the basis of these three designs which are available in several standard sizes. Our team of specialists will carefully select the best design for your specific business and local regulations.