Product Customization

Hood Options

The Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean fluidized sand bed can be manufactured with a standard RAN hood or an Optional ICV high hood. The standard RAN hood is suitable for most paint and plastic applications. An ICV high hood is used for especially volatile organics with a low flash point. The high hood allows a basket to be loaded on dead sand and become fluidized after the hood is closed. Any fugitive fumes that may be present during loading is contained within the bed itself and removed by the forced air exhaust fan.

Flue Gas Cleaning

Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installations can be supplied with an integrated cyclone or ceramic filter to remove dust particles from flue gases.

Neutralizing Corrosive Off Gassing

When removing certain halogenated compounds like PVC, Rubber or Teflon™, a dry absorption system can easily be included before the ceramic filter. A dry powder is injected and acts as a reagent to neutralize acid gasses (HF, SO2, HCL). The products of the reaction as well as dust are separated from the exhaust stream by means of a ceramic filter. Typically calcium hydroxide is used for acid gas removal.

If you are unsure how our Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean installation can be of use to your particular industry or production process, please contact us for more information or for an on site evaluation. You can also let us prove our cleaning efficiency by arranging a free test cleaning.


Optional Ceramic Element Filter

Lime Injection Unit

Ceramic Element Filter

Lime Injection Unit